Welcome to Ben Martorell Photography!

Hello! My name is Ben, owner of Ben Martorell Photography. I am a photographer in Milwaukee who specializes in portrait, wedding, event, and fine art photography. 

My photography services include: 

I am also a food, product, and automotive photographer.
My ultimate goal as a portrait, wedding, and event photographer is to connect with people so that their true personality shines through in the image. In short, I want to capture the real "essence" of a person in the moment.
Please contact me if you have any questions or want to book an appointment. I look forward to hearing from you!
About Me
My photography doesn't fit into one category. I don't just photograph landscapes, nature, abstracts, black and whites, or people. I like it all. I like patterns, shapes, vivid colors, strong contrasts, shadows, order, repetition, symmetry and asymmetry. For me, photography is about transporting the viewer to where I was—physically and mentally—when I took that picture. 
My interest in photography comes from my dad, who, over the years, has taken countless pictures—of family, nature, and places he'd been. Before personal computers and digital cameras, he developed his pictures into slides, and every now and then he would put on a "show" for us. He has a good eye and considers what he sees artistically.
It wasn't until he bought a DSLR camera several years ago though that I finally got serious about photography. I used my dad's camera a couple of times and decided it was time for me to buy my own. Looking back, I realize now that my interest in photography was always there under the surface. I am very glad I made the plunge! Photography has opened up a new professional and creative world for me.
I also shoot for Visual Image Photography, which is located in Cedarburg. I photograph school events such as musical performances, graduations, and dances. I also photograph classroom candids.