Wedding Cakes, Flowers, and Centerpieces

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The most important wedding pictures are, of course, photos of the ceremony (the main event!), the couple, and the couple with family and friends. But what I also really like about weddings are the details, big and small, such as the wedding cake, flowers, and table centerpieces.

This is why I like to take pictures of wedding event spaces before the ceremony and reception. After all, the decorations and items the couple have prepared for the day usually reflect their personalities and are meaningful to them.

Let's look at some examples:

Christine & Kurt's Wedding

Christine and Kurt's wedding was outside on this beautiful property. They set up wooden tables with runners along the center with flower bouquets on top. They also had glass jars for water.


Here's a closeup of the flowers on the tables.

They also put flowers and ribbons on the chairs.

The wedding cake looked amazing! I don't remember having any but I'm sure it tasted good!


Christina & Todd's Wedding

Unlike Christine and Kurt's wedding, Christina and Todd's wedding was both outdoors and indoors. The ceremony was held on the waterfront and the reception took place inside the resort. 

They put white bows on the end chairs and set up a small gazebo with a garland of flowers wrapped around the wood (the next picture is a closeup). As you can see, it was very windy that day!  093093

The flowers really added a nice touch.


The gazebo framed the couple and presider.


In the room outside the reception hall, Christina and Todd set up several nice table decorations. This is where guests dropped off presents and cards.


A few tables had these nice thank you notes and bouquets.


This guest board was a really cool idea! Guests could also drop a note in the small box on the right. 


This memorial was really touching.


The cake and was really beautiful, and the cupcakes—I did have a few—were really good!


The wedding party sat on tables decorated with these bouquets and flower garlands.


I loved the centerpieces they had on the tables. They glowed so nicely in the ambient light.



Alyssa & Brian's Wedding

Alyssa and Brian's reception was held at a really nice golf club out in the country. Their decorations were simple yet very striking.

This "love" sign was incredible! It looks as though it was handmade. It was the perfect centerpiece for the wedding party's table. 

The green and white theme was really attractive.

Each table had two lit candles and a small vase with flowers.

These little guest tuxedo and dress gift boxes were great!

The wedding cake was small (there was of course much more for all of the guests!), but it was beautiful and had heart made of wire on top.

Alyssa and Brian had a fun time giving each other a bite!

As you can see, little details can be attractive and meaningful. To me, capturing them is just as important as taking pictures of the couple, family and guests. They are a big part of the wedding day.

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